Root Vegetable Ravioli with Parmigiano Reggiano & Chopped Sage

A filling of pureed potato, parnips, turnips, parm & sageAs you can probably tell, the Nella Pasta blog has taken on a cooking theme. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the logistics of the business when we have more information, but for now, a detailed view into the minds (and mixing bowls) of the cooks…

Which brings me to yesterday’s creation: a big-boy ravioli made with traditional egg pasta dough and filled with pureed parsnips, turnips, potato, parmigiano reggiano and chopped sage. The inspiration for this pierogi-type ravioli came from a combination of a family tradition of adding turnips to to our mashed potatoes, and a rendition of Gourmet Magazines “Parsnip Parmesan Ravioli with Mushroom Ragu” from January 2006. I wanted to make a filling that was not cheese based, but had more of a bite than a simple mashed potato filling. The result was a silky filling with a spicy bite from both the parsnips and the wintery sage. I chose a larger shape (an upside down cup measurement served as my stand-in cutting device) to let the creamy texture of the puree prevail over the actual pasta dough. While I cannot say that I have cooked the ravioli yet (my refrigerator is packed– push everything back, quickly close the door and run away with your fingers crossed that it will not open and spill out half its contents– packed), these giant, pillowy raviolis are safe and sound in both my freezer and those of a couple neighbors with strict instruction to enjoy and report back. Reviews are on the way….

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