Accidental Brilliance

Nella Pasta CrackersWell, I don’t know about brilliance, but a mighty tasty snack! In an attempt to fully dry our vegan farfalle to package and present at a meeting scheduled for the following day, we laid out the hundreds of bowties on cookie sheets and placed them in a warm oven… or what we thought was a warm oven and really turned out to be a too warm oven. You can imagine the surprise and guilt I felt as I pulled out 2 full trays of slightly browned, puffed up bowties…. a full 2 hours worth of work, ruined. While I buried my face in my hands, Rachel picked up one of these browned bow-ties and popped in her mouth (crunch!). And with that crunch, the Nella Pasta Cracker was born. We admittedly had no intention on moving on from pasta to crackers, but we can both attest to the fact that these baked bow-ties are an attractive and delicious snack perfect for dipping, topping soup, or the perfect accompaniment with wine and cheese. After our first batch (nicknamed the oops crackers), I went home to try another batch, this time intentionally. To borrow a phrase from Emeril, I kicked up it up a notch by flavoring a dough made of white flour and semolina with seasoned salt, freshly grated parmigiano reggiano, fresh thyme and white truffle oil. The aroma alone made the second batch well worth making. We think these little bowties are so delicious, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them alongside our linguine, tortellini and ravioli on our table at the Farmer’s Markets this summer. Stay tuned for more pictures of serving suggestions.


  • Marn says:

    These look so tasteeee
    Keep the oops coming

  • Lyn says:

    I made your ravioli for appetizers and three of my guests rushed to help me clear the table for the next course, “not” to quote them “to help, we’re just looking for more ravioli!”

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