Crossing boundaries….one dessert Ravioli at a time

A dark cherry ravioli topped with sauteed pears and crushed ginger snap cookiesYes I know, it sounds weird. Google thought so too….I don’t think I’ve ever searched for anything that turned up fewer successful results. Anyways, the idea for a dark cherry pasta was stuck in my head and the thought just wouldn’t subside.

Since we started Nella Pasta, we constantly try to think of imaginative ways to turn pasta into something special. Last night I topped some Trader Joe’s Organic Ginger Snap Cookies with a smear of mascarpone and a frozen cherry… Cherries have a gorgeous deep reddish-purplish hue quite like beets….quite like the outstanding photo (thanks TT!) of homemade beet tortellini that tops this blog…Cherries, then, could be pureed and made into a pasta dough to resemble that of beet pasta, no?? Oh we’ll see about that! Long story short (too late), the cherry pasta dough– much like a simple pasta dough recipe, but with the addition of pureed cherries and sprinkle of sugar. Next I had to determine the filling for a ravioli made with this inventive cherry dough. I knew I wanted a combination of mascarpone and ricotta– two Italian cheeses that work beautifully prepared in both sweet and savory dishes. To this combination I added vanilla, honey, orange zest and then, as Emeril calls it, the bam! In this case, crushed ginger snap cookies, and only enough to add that subtle gingery-sweet, “mmm what’s that?” effect. After rolling, stuffing and sealing, I cooked the purple specked ravioli in boiling water and added them to a hot pan with sauteed sliced pears and butter. After browning slightly for a minute or two, I plated the ravioli and pear mixture and topped it off with a healthy (in quantity, that is) sprinkle of crushed ginger snap cookies.

First Nutella, then dark chocolate pasta, today, cherries. I do believe we have proved that ravioli deserves a spot on any dessert menu. And you know what, Google? I’d say these cherry ravioli should make it to the top of your list, even if there are no results that follow.


  • Lyn says:

    this is food porn

  • Page says:

    This looks insane.

    • Andr says:

      They dnefeitily look good! I just give you props for trying out the homemade pasta. Other than gnocchi I haven’t gotten up the gumption to do anything else!

  • Cowboy says:


    I’ve been followin your career and your site since long bout December and longin for some of your pastas. While ridin, I describe what your sweet potato ravioli with flax pasta must taste like to the cattle at the same time pining for your chocolate raviolis which I would fix up with a scant bit of creme fraiche and sour orange raspberry coulis.

    Lordy I can’t get my mind offa your pastas. Girl, I don’t know if you ship or if you be hitched up, but I must say I am a big fan.

    Please tell me how i can get hold of some of that farafelle.

    All of my best

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