Getting Down to Business…

One of many tastings today-- flax seed farfalleNella Pasta is moving right along schedule with an estimated debut date for the first of May. In our test kitchens, you’ll find pasta in every size, shape and color covering every square inch of counter space. On the business front, our filing cabinets are quickly filling with forms, applications and agreements. We’ve had a wonderful response from local Farmer’s Markets interested in our concept for fresh, local pasta and we’re looking forward to nailing down our schedule for the 2009 season within the next week or so. With only a month to go, we’re focusing on ordering and designing our packaging, developing and finalizing recipes (read: frantically scribbling down fractions, bulking up our deltoids rolling out dough, going through countless eggs and pounds of flour and eating a solid day’s worth of calories in taste testers alone…it’s a tough job, my friends, let me tell you).

With our official launch drawing near, I cant help but to think back to the time when Nella was a mere daydream to get us through the workday… Rachel and I sitting with our backs to each other, eyes glued to computer screen. One of us would send to the other our typical daily instant message “today’s the day, I’m quitting, done…mark my words, I’m walking out after lunch.” It was then that we initiated “the vision.” It went a bit like this: “just think…. the sun, warm on your face, the smell of ripe tomatoes and vibrant basil swirling in the air, happy people strolling, talking…..” The idea was simple: we would imagine ourselves in a summer Farmer’s Market, our “happy place” and it would get us through the day. Four short months later, our dream is quickly becoming a reality. Ok, its still cold and we’ve had no income since, but hey, we’re close enough and couldn’t be happier.

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