Let’s Try This Again….

Remember when we used to have a blog? And post recipes, photos, serving suggestions and articles daily? If you’re answer is no, fair. It’s been a while (ok, a very long while). Why the prolonged silence? Eek, running a business took over! That and maybe a wee bit of procrastinating/ laziness/ life/ and concentrating efforts elsewhere. That said, let’s see if we can pick up where we left off. Before doing so we’ll fill you in on a few key details from the last couple years of our blog’s dark days….

We moved, twice! From CropCircle Kitchen, onto Southie, and now in Boston on the Roxbury line.

IMG_3932We multiplied! Rachel & Jordan brought a beautiful baby boy, Marshall James, into the world on May 20th, 2014. He’s already attended the Fancy Food Show in NYC and is quite the fan of his Mummy’s ravioli (cut into wee Marshall-sized pieces)

We won! We added another sofi Award to our collection (of 1…hey, still good!). Our Brussels Sprout, Caramelized Onion & Asiago Ravioli took home the silver and now we each proudly display a sofi Award in our home kitchens.

We refined! See our website lately? It’s new! We completely revamped our site to highlight each variety with serving suggestions, wine pairings, new articles, where to find feature and more. That, along with refreshed Farmers Market signage, Edible Boston Magazine ads and sell sheets. Sometimes you just need a make-over, am I right?

We expanded! Greater Boston, for sure, but now you can find our ravioli throughout New England! With our new distributor, if you don’t see
our ravioli in your favorite place to buy groceries and specialty foods, just ask for us and they’ll likely stock our products (always reach out to us if you have a request!).


What else? I’m sure here’s plenty that we’re forgetting, but we’ll stop there and just say we’re excited to be back.

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