Mmm Mmm Chocolate

A fork-full of heavenCraving chocolate, anyone? We have the perfect treat… A pasta dough made with part all-purpose flour, part semolina, a nice hefty scoop of cocoa powder, sugar, eggs and vanilla all kneaded together in a beautiful dark brown, rich chocolaty dough. It even smelled incredible, lying there in a mound on my table. The concept was simple– turn a classic stuffed pasta from a savory treat to sweet decadence– the dough transformed with the addition of cocoa and sugar, and the filling a simple ricotta sweetened with honey. We boiled these raviolis, added them to a pan with a small amount of melted, browing butter and sugar and let them carmelize for about a minute. Served with a sprinkle of toasted hazelnuts, rasberries, a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a few shavings of Lake Champlain Chocolate…mmmmmm. I believe these chocolate treats will have a permanent spot on the Nella menu.

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