My Goodness, My Guinness!

It takes just a few simple ingredients to make delicious, homemade Guinness PastaIn pasta?! Ohh yes, we took it that far. Taken straight from the Guinness website, when used in cooking, “GUINNESS® intensifies flavour, adds depth, enhances texture and when it boils down to it, just tastes great”– we agreed, but decided to prove it (just to be sure, of course). First up- the pasta. We made a dough using unbleached, unbromated white flour, semolina, and salt, then substituted half of the eggs with Guinness. The dough maintained the same consistency and feel as a regular egg pasta, but had a slight golden brownish hue and Irish Pub-esque aroma. As the dough rested, we started a Guinness Bolognese to accompany our pasta. Much like a typical Italian (we know, not Irish, but come on! Our name is Nella!) bolognese, we started by browning up some pancetta in extra virgin olive oil and adding a mire poix (onion, carrots and celery). Next, a combination of ground sirloin and veal and some chopped garlic. We let the meat cook through, and when lightly browned, we added the star ingredient– Guinness– and let it reduce. Next up, a mixture of tomato paste blended into beef broth, a few splashes of Worcestershire, and of course salt and pepper and we let this (dare I say Irish-Italian fusion?) meat sauce simmer for the next couple hours to meld its flavors. Before serving, we added a splash a cream to the sauce and cooked the pasta for apx. 4 minutes in rapidly boiling, “salty like the sea” water. To serve, we combined the sauce with the Guinness-flavored pasta, added a sprinkle of parmigiano reggiano and chopped parsley, and sat down to enjoy this steaming, aromatic bowl of a classic Italian dish with an Irish twist. And my goodness, my Guinness was a St. Patty’s day success!


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